Sequence of Nature past the Via Mala

*This manuscript was in the latter stages of translation from English to Italian with the great human being and translator, Amalia Bisutto Pascetta, who treated this English version with such love and precisiom – that final product was expemplary for me. This is the middle ground of a translation, where the two languages hope to meet like a perfect puzzle in a scholary battle, but it is impossible, so the process is intense. With a translation, you are never really finished; but one has to finally put it down, and this “give-and-take” between us, the way she searched for the correct way to write these poems, word by word, phrase by phrase, in Italian was part of the amazing birth of this book. With a great translator, the puzzle was solved. Thank you Amalaia: (enjoy):

View the manuscript: Sequence of nature Past the Via Mala- revision 2 June (Italian)