Hirschman Introduction Via Mala

The somewhat fetching title of Dave Steel’s book of poetry, Sequence of Nature past the Via Mala has a specific referencing, and a process of poem-making within a particular geographical context that makes the book all the more interesting. And then, given his love of Italy and the Italian language and, in this case, the […]

Sequence of Nature past the Via Mala

*This manuscript was in the latter stages of translation from English to Italian with the great human being and translator, Amalia Bisutto Pascetta, who treated this English version with such love and precisiom – that final product was expemplary for me. This is the middle ground of a translation, where the two languages hope to […]

Prochaine etage, proximo piano, next level summer 2012

The following poems are just the window opening, making that sudden jarring noise that startels you after a long silence. These are love poems and the feelings when it evaporates. Poems that will appear in the new poetry book: “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.” Beg and borrow   I think of the dead friend dying […]

Prochaine Absinthe etage Septembre 2010

(new absinthe writings 2010) September 12-27: 2010 What can be said about this new, another trip to Switzerland. They all start the same, cloaked in mystery and ends the same: with myself becoming balanced again, and feeling like a human being. Somehow like a magic pill, the Swiss people renew my faith in life and […]

Perfect Moment Soledurn

Perfect Moment Soledurn “Das Regenbogen uber St. Ursen Kathedrele” This day after 20 years of waiting the perfect moment arrives in Solothurn. Over St. Ursen Kathedrale, a Regenbogen. Teenagers laugh at me for my salvation over life and the perfect moment. This Regenbogen, pink, red, yellow maroon stretched in a arc perfectly over St. Ursen Kathedrale, as […]

Swiss Toilet poems / Restaurant Schongrun

SWISS TOILET POEMS, AND WHY MEN FAIL   On draining into the this porcelain commode from the 1860′s, my host told me it’s customary for Swiss men to sit on the toilet when peeing, out of respect to Swiss women. This is American women who clean the dribble spots on toilet seats from American men […]

Waiting For Spring Poems (Jamaican Baptist Funeral)

Spring Poems – 2009, 2010 Cherry Tree falls down Celery-Root Cellar Door If poems are just something, a test of time, then the one who judges life can judge a poem, then a Chestnut tree is not a tree, nor a birch, a cherry tree, then a orange is a grapefruit, a apple, a brown […]

Poems May 2008:Sommascona, Olivone, Festa de la Mama, Sbiti

Sommascona If Sommascona really exists then people can live out through anything, remains on a bluff looking down at life. These are some cows with souls so big they stare right through you. Funny how I end up on private farm again, they built a mot, pit, to keep bull away from the cows. What […]

Swiss Poems – September 2007, May 2008

Mai 2008 (and ‘07 poems) – Switzerland (Zurich, Solothurn, Gruyere, Ticino) *These poems, prose, were written with same voice of Absinthe Trinker (Absinthe Minded Journal), some writings were excluded from the book, and other poems that came in 2008 after finishing the never-ending story… 8/30/07 It is my life to live as is my own given to me by forces […]

The Story of Marie Therese

Please let me tell you the continuing saga of the Absinthe-Trinker, who always seems by his own misfortune and lunacy to find the greatest of human kindness. Through our errors and being lost sometimes we can find this special spark known about the Swiss people. Take me, Absinthe-Trinker, arrived in Solothurn for a much-needed vacation, […]