Absinthe Trinker II to be published by Nachschatten Verlag Press in 2014 !

Yes, it is true. The next version of “best-seller” Absinthe Trinker will be published next year in September 2014 by Nachschatten Verlag of Solothurn, Switzerland. Absinthe Trinker II is a continuation of the real stories from the 1st book. Much changes in people’s lives, and the lives of cities, hotels, events, and mystical happenings. This sequel is part of the quest for search for truth in travel, people, art, writing, and love. Of course, this book documents many absinthe events and a better understanding of its history and place now in Swiss culture. The many true characters from the first book come alive again, and some drastic changes in their lives, for better or worse. (Please click on Absinthe Minded Journal for some excerpts of the upcoming book, Absinthe Trinker II. The 1st book is from the years 2005-2008; Absinthe Trinker II is from 2009-2012)