Absinthe Trinker II to be published by Nachschatten Verlag Press in 2014 !

Yes, it is true. The next version of “best-seller” Absinthe Trinker will be published next year in September 2014 by Nachschatten Verlag of Solothurn, Switzerland. Absinthe Trinker II is a continuation of the real stories from the 1st book. Much changes in people’s lives, and the lives of cities, hotels, events, and mystical happenings. This sequel is part of the quest for search for truth in travel, people, art, writing, and love. Of course, this book documents many absinthe events and a better understanding of its history and place now in Swiss culture. The many true characters from the first book come alive again, and some drastic changes in their lives, for better or worse. (Please click on Absinthe Minded Journal for some excerpts of the upcoming book, Absinthe Trinker II. The 1st book is from the years 2005-2008; Absinthe Trinker II is from 2009-2012)

Poetry Reading at Moonstone April 10th, 2012

Poetry Reading at Moonstone Art Center, #110a, South 13th Street, Phila, PA 19107 (215-735-9600

Tuesday, April 10th at 7:00 pm, with Nina Corwin, (author of 2 books) 

open reading to follow!

featuring poems from new book: “Sequence of Nature Past the Via Mala” and the

new “Matchbox” poetry series, and a special event: “A trip back to the beginning of time:

“Creationless Creation”   !

New Whirlwind Press Publication

“Sequence of Nature Past the Via Mala / La Sequenza della Natura Passa la Via Mala” Edition in English and Italian translation Introduction by Jack Hirschman (Read some of Jack Hirschman’s excerpts below) Published by Whirlwind Press summer 2011, lamont b. steptoe, 2nd publication of Dave Steel’s work. “The technique of Dave Steel’s compositions is what first engaged me. He seems to have arrived at his style of writing not so much under the influence of any particular poet (he mentions Robert Bly and Bob Kaufman as American poets whom he loves reading; otherwise he’d read many Europeans), and seemed not to have read Charles Olson deeply at all, though it was an Olsonic manner in his idiom that first called his work to my atten- tion. That manner is resonant to a letter Olson wrote to Cid Corman in the 1950s, to the effect that an American poet MUST BEGIN WITH NOTHING, THE BLANK PAGE, almost as a goad of emptiness, and from that confrontation really begin. THEN the possibility might emerge wherein the poet might discover—in the mix of the conscious- ness of the transfer of energies from without with the moil of self and heart-soul within—his own unique way of saying. Steel’s style is a staccato, almost at times telegrammatic one, in which he finds room to inform, comment and at the same time abbreviate so that as one gets deeper into the book one finds that one is genially identifying with his idiomatic technique of evoking by way of setting down a series of images and making a tight bit of music.” – Jack Hirschman, March 2011

Dave Steel Blues Band



September 15, Donnerstag, Thursday at Les Amis Bar, Bern-

Just returned from a fantastic tour in Switzerland,  and played with the Magic 5

and played live at Les Amis Bar in Bern with the famous Mario Capitanio (guitar), Bruno Deitrich (drums) and Peter Enderli on bass. The show, 2nd year in a row, was very cool & hot. Photos to be posted soon, and some Mp3 recordings of show. These Bern musicans have their act together!

First show of 2011 was a success!

Remember,  all year long in 2011 and 2012, The Dave Steel Blues Band will be performing every 2nd Saturday of each month at Fergies Pub, 1241 Sansom Street in Philadelphia.

Dave Steel Blues Band

All Year long in 2011, The Dave Steel Blues Band will be performing every 2nd Saturday of each month at Fergies Pub, 1241 Sansom Street in Philadelphia. The bands lineup is:

Rich Katz on Guitar, Lou Brotman on Bass, Paul Albrecht on Drums and myself on the Harp and Vocals.

NEXT SHOW: Saturday, December 10th     10:00 p.m. (No Cover). Food is great!

Please come out for good times and good tunes!