Perfect Moment Soledurn

March 22nd, 2011







Perfect Moment Soledurn

“Das Regenbogen uber St. Ursen Kathedrele”

This day after 20 years of waiting

the perfect moment arrives in Solothurn.

Over St. Ursen Kathedrale, a Regenbogen.

Teenagers laugh at me for my

salvation over life and the perfect

moment. This Regenbogen, pink, red, yellow

maroon stretched in a arc perfectly over

St. Ursen Kathedrale, as if G-d’s hand

took a paint brush, and said, ‘Ecco,’

Io dai la perfecto naturale per voi.”

And the people lamented, and the older Swiss

German man agreed with me and called it a

“mountain,” and the teenagers laughed at

my language barrier, and the Regenbogen spilled,

and the saints and statues wept at

having their backs turned, missing

what they have waited centuries for.

~ ~ ~